Our history

HealthyEsKill began its journey in 2005 when a group of dedicated cardiologists combined their experience and passion to serve patients with cardiovascular disease. It is from this combination of knowledge and passion that our clinic was born, striving to become a leading center for cardiac care in Hungary.

Since then, HealthyEsKill has gone through a number of important stages, forming its unique history:

Founding and First Steps (2005-2008): A group of doctors who shared a common passion for heart medicine decided to create a clinic combining advanced diagnostic and treatment methods.

Development of Expertise (2009-2013): HealthyEsKill has actively developed its expertise, attracting experienced specialists and investing in advanced technologies to provide better medical care.

Expansion of Services and Services (2014-2017): In response to the growing needs of our patients, we have expanded our range of cardiac services and improved care, making it more accessible and convenient.

Partnership with Medical Institutes (2018-2020): HealthyEsKill has partnered with leading medical institutes, allowing them to share experiences and participate in cutting-edge research.

New Stage of Development (2021 and Beyond): We continue to grow and develop, providing our patients with modern and safe methods for diagnosing and treating cardiovascular diseases.



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At HealthyEsKill, we strive to be your trusted partner in heart care. Our mission is to provide outstanding cardiac services based on the latest advances in medical science and advanced technology. We are committed to:

Professionalism and Ethics: We adhere to the highest medical standards, guaranteeing impeccable quality of services and ethical interactions with our patients.

Individualized Approach: We understand that each patient is unique. Our cardiologists develop personalized treatment plans, taking into account the specifics of each case.

Education and Proactive Approach: We strive to educate as well as heal. By providing patients with information and resources, we help them make informed decisions about their heart health.

Innovation and Technology: HealthyEsKill implements advanced technologies and methods for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of heart diseases.

We are proud to serve our patients and make their journey to health safe, informed and supportive. Together we are creating a future in which heart health is the key to living a full, active life.


Patient Care

At the HealthyEsKill Clinic, we provide not only highly qualified medical services, but also individual and attentive patient care. Our approach is aimed at ensuring your comfort and complete understanding of the treatment process.

our team

Attila Nagy

Dr. Nagi has extensive experience in the field of cardiology and specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. His dedication and enthusiasm make him a valuable member of our team.

Viktor Solt

Dr. Salt is an experienced surgeon specializing in cardiac and vascular surgery. His professionalism and attention to detail contribute to outstanding surgical results.

Adrienn Balog

Dr. Balogh is a leading cardiologist and one of the leading researchers in the field of heart disease. Her warmth and caring for her patients make her an invaluable member of our medical team.

János Takács

Dr. Takacs is a rehabilitation specialist with a focus on the recovery of patients after cardiac interventions. His personalized approach and effective programs help patients recover quickly.


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